On the Bridge

Colt Green lives in the Haven, an isolated dystopian society in the year 2323, where his father is the Chief of Police, the sole leader of the Haven. Despite his higher upbringing, Colt's two closest friends are Nedya, a rebel with a lower economic status, and Lek, who's of an alien race despised in the Haven. Up until now, Colt's been able to keep his family life and his life with his friends separate. But when a bad bridge fight rips things apart, Colt is forced to choose between the politics and person the Haven has bred him to be and what he believes in his heart. The latest piece of work from young author LyLena D. Estabine, this young adult book explores how politics can conflict with our morals, what it means to love, and how much racism and bigotry can destroy us, in a way that few other pieces of teen fiction have. It's a haunting reflection of human interaction that will stay with you long after you've stopped turning the pages.